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Greek Life Cheat Sheet

7 September, 2012

Greek life is a pretty big part of the Virginia State University social scene. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the eight VSU chapters currently on campus and their founding dates for those of you thinking of rushing.

Alpha Kappa Alpha: Founded 1/15/1908 at Howard University. Alpha Epsilon Chapter founded 5/15/1926 at VSU. A noted chapter sister was Camilla Williams.

Alpha Phi Alpha: Founded 12/04/1906 at Cornell University. Beta Gamma Chapter founded 12/22/1926 at VSU.

Delta Sigma Theta: Founded 1/13/1913 at Howard University. Alpha Eta Chapter founded 1/10/1930 at VSU.

Iota Phi Theta: Founded 11/12/1922 at  Morgan State University (Then Morgan State College). Eta Chapter founded 10/31/1971 at VSU.

Omega Psi Phi: Founded 11/17/1911 at Howard University. Nu Psi Chapter founded 1927 at VSU under the influence of Luther P. Jackson and Hermanze Fauntleroy.

Phi Beta Sigma: Founded 1/19/1914 at Howard University. Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter founded 2/28/1931 at VSU.

Sigma Gamma Rho: Founded 11/12/1922 at Butler University. Alpha Zeta Chapter founded 3/26/1936 at VSU.

Zeta Phi Beta: Founded 1/16/1920 at Howard University. Phi Chapter founded 4/16/1929 at VSU with help from their Norfolk and Richmond, VA sisters.

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