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Fun With History Pin

7 May, 2012

I’ve been having some fun with our new History Pin page this past month. I’ve been updating the history of buildings on campus and adding more historical pictures. I’ve also taken and uploaded current pictures of campus buildings and juxtaposed them in a “yesterday and today” gallery. I need to take a little more time of walking around campus to get pictures of the few last buildings and places, and to scan some more photographs in our collections for the “yesterday” aspect and it will be complete.

One of the neatest things about History Pin is that it’s not just the person who created the page who can publish to it. Multiple users can interact, adding their own photos and their own stories to the page and enriching the history and context. I love this aspect of the site, because I want students, alumni, and faculty/staff to interact with us, to make the archives personally meaningful to them.

To post your own photos, use the History Pin App on your phone.

To add your stories to existing VSU-pinned photographs, click on the photograph you have a story about, and click the “Add your voice” button at the bottom of the “Nearby” or “Stories” menus.

Remember to keep all stories Safe-For-Work, rated no more than PG please! We want everyone to be able to enjoy stories about Virginia State University’s history.

I hope you all will take part in the History Pin experiment to create a richer story of VSU online!

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