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Virginia State Archives Month Images

22 July, 2010
Archives Month is coming soon in October, and VSU Assistant Archivist Jessica Johnson is involved in planning Virginia’s celebrations. The theme this year is “Making Connections: Archives and Imagination” The outline for the theme reads in part “The preservation of records is a pre-requisite for history, but to enter the past in the most meaningful and engaging way, one must employ imagination. While memory may seem more closely associated with the encounter with history, imagination is just as essential to understanding the past in all its particularity…The creative encounter with the past involves knowing where archives and records are located, knowing how to search for information, and knowing how to interpret information from other times and other cultures. ”
These images were submitted for consideration to be on the VA. Archives Month poster for 2010.

“HiHil” composite

A composite of two line drawings from the Amaza Lee Meredith collection. The two views represent the north and east elevations of HiHil, a residence built for Ms. Meredith’s niece and her husband. The house was to be built on lakefront property, thus the houseboat imagery used in the design.

“HiHil” East Elevation

The original East Elevation line drawing for HiHil. Ms. Meredith was born to a white father and African-American mother. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts, and established the Department of Fine Arts at Virginia State University. She developed an interest in architecture, and though she never recieved any formal training that is known of, Ms. Meredith designed and built many homes. The home that she designed and built for herself near VSU, “Azurest South”, now belongs to the VSU Alumni Association and still stands on the VSU campus. For a more complete biography of Ms. Meredith, please click here.

First African-American women voters in Ettrick, Virginia

These eight women were the first African-American women to vote in Ettrick, Virginia, the small town in which Virginia State University is located. The women were all faculty members of Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute. Left to right they are Nannie Nichols, Anna Laura Lindsay, Edna M. Colson, Johnella Frazer, Eva C. Conner, Edwina Wright, Mary E. Branch, and Evie Lee Carpenter. They are standing outside the Ettrick Court House. From the E.S. Decosta Papers, Virginia State University Special Collections & Archives.
VSU has the papers of Anna Laura Lindsay and Edna M. Colson in their Special Collections. Links will bring you to the online finding aids for these collections.

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